• Author              : Robert J. Sawyer
  • Year                  : 2005
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My Review            :

Robert Sawyer is my current favorite writer.  I love his writing style that flows easily, yet delivers such rich and technical information–I feel more like I am watching a movie than reading. Mindscan is such a good read and raises some very interesting ethical questions on living forever, age is obsolete, death & taxes–we will soon need to deal with.  All that and a great sci-fi… what more can you ask for.    This was like 2001 A Space Odyssey meets AI.  I am hooked and going back to read a few more books….


  • Author              : Robert J. Sawyer
  • Year                  : 2009
  • Amazon            : click here

My Review           :

First, Sawyer can write like no other and brings to life the images and textures of his stories.  This is the first book of a trilogy about a brilliant witty young girl, blind from birth who regains her sight through technology, but the sight she first gains is the raw balls and string topology of the internet and then soon thereafter the ‘Other’ discovers her…. read on and you will not stop.  All Three books are terrific and I can’t wait to see how WWW:WONDER ends (reading it now)  Book two is WWW:WATCH and finally WWW:WONDER