New techniques for discovering planets, like our own.

For those of us writing about distant planets, the question always comes up, how real is this going to be for my readers?  I am faced with this exact question in my current work and I want it to be as plausible as I can make it.  So after watching this fantastic lecture by Sara Seager, I now have some real science to weave into my WIP.

Simulating Extreme Spacetimes

Above is a simulation of the gravitational lensing of two orbiting black holes by the SxS group or research scientists.  I stumbled upon this site (Simulating Extreme Spacetimes) , which was put together by multiple institutions for research on black holes, neutron stars  and other extreme events ‘To better understand Relativity and the physics of exotic objets in the Cosmos.‘  The work put together here is information rich, especially for the hard core Sci-Fi writer.  Explore their Glossary, simulations and a favorite, Sounds.   Surf their site for the plethora of links to make your writing a good read.


This is a great one-stop shopping site for my works in progress

Sci-Fi Writers, Start Your Engines!

As a writer of hard sci-fi, getting the science plausible is important and traveling through the solar system at conventional speeds has been a problem, until now.

Here is some tech to make that transit, plausible; granted, the VASIMR needs a few hacks, but nothing a sci-fi writer can’t do in their sleep.

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