Heavy Weather

  • Author              : Bruce Sterling
  • Year                  : 1994
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My Review           :

This was one of the first Bruce Sterling books I read–and I do not remember putting it down until I finished.  This hooked me on Near-core Sci-Fi.  I describe Near-core as Science Faction–something plausible and not to far from now.  In this work, you can see Bruce has a good foundation of Unix.  It was accurate and I loved every bit of this read.  I loved the characters, the scenes, and the texture of living in the field chasing storms with hi-tech gear.  The ending concept was absolutely brilliant.

I think Crichton & Martin (2 years later) may have ripped Bruce off on creating Twister, which sucked more air than the twister itself… and I have read a lot of Crichton books–some I really liked.