Interstellar review

interstellarNo spoilers here: I recently saw Interstellar in IMAX format.  Overall I loved this movie.  It was the first time I watched a movie from a writer’s perspective,  I thought the dialogue was excellent and the storyline had such a human aspect to it.  This is one of those movies people will either love or hate with very little in between (like Prometheus).

There were parts where it was more Space Opera than space, but just when you start to think that way, the science adds up and you are drawn back in.

I thought the music score was terrific–very subtle

Congratulations to the directors (not since 2001) where finally there is no noise in space–and I mean you don’t hear rocket thrusters or the ripping apart of space debris, etc.  That in itself deserves an Oscar.

I thought Matthew McConaughey’s performance was excellent–enough to carry the slightly miscast of Anne Hathaway who is always adorable, but not quite interstellar material.  For that you needed someone edgy and convincing in sci-fi,  like Summer Glau or Jennifer Carpender.  This gets a thumbs up from me.