Some Sci-Fi movie reviews

Sci_Fi_ReviewsFirst, there are no spoilers here, so read on. I finally got around to watching some sci-fi flicks that were on my watch list.

The Frame:   This could have been made into a series.  I soaked up the characters, played by Tiffany Maulem & David Carranza and felt their every emotion.  What a great twisted version of the Truman show.  The music track to this film is by the hauntingly beautiful sounds of Jamin Winans.

Under the Skin: This is a Stanley Kubric Clockwork Orange with Aliens; a beautiful alien (Scarlett Johansson).  Brilliant in minimal dialogue carried on the vertebrae of visual artistry.  I Loved it.

Traveling Salesman: A thinking person’s sci-fi played by excellent actors: Danny Barkclay, Tyler Seiple, Eric Bloom, David John Cole & Marc Raymond.    Discusses the P = NP equation.  Slow moving, but conceptually riveting from the standpoint of contemplating the opening of Pandora’s Box.   Might be hard to get through for most, but if you are writing a sci-fi about computer espionage, there are some essential theories here for you to get it right.

The Bothersome Man:  An interesting, if not poignant view of heaven as a possible  franchise—I never thought of it being that way, but why not.? We live and breathe in the franchises of our culture, so why can’t heaven be the same way?   I’m not sure what to think about this one.  If I were writing this, I would have taken a different path; however, something may have been lost in translation for me (Norwegian).

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