The Hunger Game Series

  • Author                   : Suzanne Collins
  • Year                       : 2009 – 2012
  •  Amazon                : click here
  • My Review           :


The Hunger Games.  What an excellent read these were (Book 1: The Hunger Games; Book 2: Catching Fire & Book 3: MockingJay).  The movie was actually pretty good, but I am glad  I read all three books before the movie debut.  These were well written and kept the reader  engaged.  Suzanne Collins did an excellent job at imagery.

I feel the reason this series did so well was timing–our anxiousness in today’s society.  We are infinitely more connected to each other through social media and cannot shut it off, much like–how I can only imagine,  sound, color and texture must bombard the senses of someone who is Autistic.  Add to that our Government and Big business feeling they too are loosing control and therefore are working counter productively to tighten the leash of control and decision making, creating more and more idiot buttons for us all.  Finally, the perfect storm—our media engine lost a wheel and has skidded across the medium, head-on into a cement truss.  The Kardashians are the Media’s Frankenstein—no one else’s.  They have convinced themselves we want this information—we don’t.  Our media has locked us into a virtual game of King of the Hill.  Anyone who is one inch ahead of the others will be dragged down, stepped on, kicked and cast to the rear of the line.

Timing is everything.  These books–like a fine wine– should not be drunk past their time.  This series needs to be read now.

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