Star Fish; Maelstrom; Behemoth B-Max & Behemoth Seppuku (Trilogy)

  • Author              : Peter Watts
  • Year                  : 1999
  • Amazon            : click here

My Review            :

This is a true “Hard Core” Sci-Fi Trilogy, so take it slow. What a start to an incredible adventure “Rifters” trilogy (followed by Maelstrom, Behemoth, B-Max [Bk-1] & Behemoth Seppuku [Bk-2]). Terrifically accurate Marine Bio and great insight into the deep water trenches on this planet that we know so little about. Think of this trilogy as the Andromeda Strain of the deep. The main character–Lenie Clark makes Lara Croft look like a girly-girl.

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