Follow The James Webb Telescope

With a very smooth and successful launch on Christmas day, The James Webb Telescope is on its way, traveling 1,000,000 miles from Earth, where it will slowly unravel over a two week period, calibrate the mirrors and run through various configurations, while cooling down to -230 C so there is no heat interference gathering the radiation (light) from space. The mirror is three times larger than Hubble and will be our eyes into the 13.3 billion year past (baby pictures are always so cute).

Congratulations to the ESA, CSA, NASA and to all the team members for this human achievement.

The size of this telescope is huge: Shield – 21.197 m x 14.162 m (69.5 ft x 46.5 ft), The mirror is 6.5 m (21.3 ft) approximately

To follow The James Webb Telescope, click here.

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