Writing material for your ending of the universe

BigRipA rocket science friend sent me an article posted on the BBC, titled: “How will the universe end, and could anything survive. “ The article contained some known (Big Crunch, Inflation) and unknown (Heat Death, Phantom Dark Energy) concepts to me. But reading through all of these got me thinking: how many sci-fi works have been written about the end of the universe or at least close to it all ending? The answer is, quite a few.

  • H.G. Wells: The Time Traveler
  • Isaac Asimov: The Last Question
  • Frederick Pohl: World At The End Of Time
  • Poul Anderson: Tau Zero
  • Federico Campagna: The Last Night
  • Charles Sheffield: Tomorrow and Tomorrow; Between The Strokes Of Night

These are to name a few, but here is a link, where I found these and more:


I might just have to write one, a short story, involving….. well, I will keep that one hidden for now, but I like what I’m thinking.


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