New MetaMaterials to build your interstellar crafts from

_81396248_81396110A good friend, great thinker and NASA Software Engineer has been a terrific resource for my writing (Ray B.) sent me an article about new materials being thought of for space exploration vehicles.  He has helped me so much with the real physics of space flight to make space travel plausible in my Sci-Fi.  Here is yet another great article (posted on the BBC Future site) to help hard-core sci-fi writers describe the mechanics of their ships, shuttles, rovers, etc.

Excerpt from article: ‘Prof Wegener works on cloaking, but his aim is not to make things invisible. He wants to hide them from physical forces, and last year his lab produced a honeycomb-like material that made an object beneath it unfeelable [sic].’ 

The information in this article will help me fine tune the materials of my shuttle, used to land on an alien planet.  I have always felt that if I believe it, so will my readers.

To read the full article, please refer to the link below:


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