Today is November Seed

November-SeedNEW YORK CITY, November 7, 2014: Today is a good day.  A worst case scenario.  It sounds like science fiction, but Phragmites is on the move, known to only a few of us as November Seed.  If you know what to look for, the seeds are everywhere today in the city.  A perfect day with steel grey clouds and winds blowing in from the Meadowlands.

I watch in despondency as people around me, oblivious, push me aside to be first in line for whatever line they think it is, I am in.   In front of me, a I watch as a woman open a door to a shop and the maelstrom of seeds pool tightly behind her and the door shuts.

Safely back in my building, the elevator doors seal me in, but I am not alone.  There in front, hovering, is a seed and I look down on my jacket and there are more.  It will be quite different 24 hours from now, myself included.

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