Singularity Book Store – Brooklyn, NY


My favorite bookstore in the entire galaxy, and it happens to be in the spiral arm of Brooklyn, just an F transit away from my place in Manhattan. Listen to their story and help fulfill their mission, which is a fantastic one.



2 thoughts on “Singularity Book Store – Brooklyn, NY

  1. You will love it Kyle. It is difficult to leave once you walk through the door. If you go there the first Thursday of each month, the galleries and restaurants have a special opening. DUMBO (Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass) is known for their artists and galleries. It is a cool place to be. Also, Singularity, I think on the same nights (check with their schedule) has invited known SciFi writers who come in and read a passage or two of their favorite SciFi books, while you drink some wines. I have eaten near by at a place called Pedros. The food is about a 3.5 –> 4, but the atmosphere is cool. Get the margarita with the Cuervo 1800

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