• Author              : Bill DeSmedt
  • Year                  : 2005
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My Review            :

Singularity.  I so love near Sci-Fi and it does not get better than this.  A great read and pretty accurate for the time frame written.   There was one part about a software hack that gave me quite a clever spin on something I needed to do in real-life, and that is exactly why I encourage my mentored students to read near Sci-Fi.  A few little tech factoid s out of place, but still a fantastic journey you will take from this.   The action is page turning, the character definition is terrific and  the underlying plot is quite clever and has you re-reading facts about the original event, people and references the authors bring up, making it even better of a read.  .  Brush up on your quantum physics and black hole knowledge.  This would make such a great movie for today.


The Resurrected Man

  • Author              : Sean williams
  • Year                  : 1998/2005
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My Review            :

I can’t help but think, ‘this is an important piece of work.’  We have all read about teleportation  and have seen plenty of Star-Trek episodes of teleportation in action, but not once were we ever exposed to how that actually might come into being and what telephony would be involved.  I completely overlooked this and took it for granted–being a Network Engineer, it was like one of those V8 commercials where I open-palm smacked myself on the forehead.

I loved this book.  I thought it was brilliant in plot, characters, tech, and suspense.  It gets a little Agatha Christie toward the end, but heck–that’s why it’s called fiction.  Still, I think this is an important read for any technologist and I rate this up there with Snow Crash, and Starfish.


  • Author              : Robert J. Sawyer
  • Year                  : 2005
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My Review            :

Robert Sawyer is my current favorite writer.  I love his writing style that flows easily, yet delivers such rich and technical information–I feel more like I am watching a movie than reading. Mindscan is such a good read and raises some very interesting ethical questions on living forever, age is obsolete, death & taxes–we will soon need to deal with.  All that and a great sci-fi… what more can you ask for.    This was like 2001 A Space Odyssey meets AI.  I am hooked and going back to read a few more books….

Heavy Weather

  • Author              : Bruce Sterling
  • Year                  : 1994
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My Review           :

This was one of the first Bruce Sterling books I read–and I do not remember putting it down until I finished.  This hooked me on Near-core Sci-Fi.  I describe Near-core as Science Faction–something plausible and not to far from now.  In this work, you can see Bruce has a good foundation of Unix.  It was accurate and I loved every bit of this read.  I loved the characters, the scenes, and the texture of living in the field chasing storms with hi-tech gear.  The ending concept was absolutely brilliant.

I think Crichton & Martin (2 years later) may have ripped Bruce off on creating Twister, which sucked more air than the twister itself… and I have read a lot of Crichton books–some I really liked.